The TRIBE Sisterhood is designed to meet the needs of young girls through the seasoned ladies of Life Link Church.
Our goal is to bring together women of all ages and stages to:
• Minister to their needs.
• Teach and train them to be the beautiful, strong and influential women they were created to be.
• Help them connect with the TRIBE and develop true genuine relationships.
• Unlock the gifts inside and equip every girl to be a radiant, life giving influence and friend to others locally and around the world.

The TRIBE Sisterhood is designed to enrich the lives of every girl by
“Linking Women and God together for life.”

How do we do that? Through The High 5!

Link- Weekend Worship
Learn- The Growth Track
Lead- Dream Team
Live- TRIBE Life Groups
Love- TRIBE Outreach

TRIBE: a group of people, often of related families, who live in the same area and share the same language, culture, and history.

Radiant: “emitting rays of light, bright with joy and hope, shining bright”

Enrich:“ to make richer, to make fuller, more meaningful, more rewarding, to add nutrients, to add to the beauty or character, to adorn, to add fertilizer.

We will do these things by offering many venues for women to be involved. These venues will encourage women to get training, to develop relationships and receive personal ministry.
Connect and worship with Life Link Women. Learn more about our events and connect together with the women of Life Link.

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