Life Link Church

Care Ministry

Whether you are in need, are facing a particular struggle, or want to celebrate what God has done in your life, we would love to hear from you!

For assistance or to let us know about an emergency need regarding a death or life-threatening situation, call the Care Ministry Office at 602-885-1946. If you call about a non-emergency situation when the offices are closed, we will return your call on the next business day. If you are calling about a life-threatening emergency or a death, please leave your name, contact number and a brief description of the situation and someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

For all medical and life-threatening emergencies at any time of the day, call 911 first.

Care Partners are available to pray with you – it may be about a crisis, a big decision, or you simply want to thank God for what He is doing in your life. Together, we will talk to God about your situation and then watch and listen for His response.

You can experience the peace and power of prayer by responding to the prayer invitation during weekend services. Throughout the week, a team of people pray for the needs of anyone who asks for prayer. No matter what your circumstances, let us know how can we pray for you? If you would like prayer, please submit a Prayer Request.

For all medical and life-threatening emergencies at any time of the day, call 911 first.

FLAG - Front Line Appreciation Group
The mission of FLAG (Front Line Appreciation Group) GREATER PHOENIX is to band together to offer support and meals to essential front line workers, to help our local Greater Phoenix restaurants stay in business and to provide a way for people in our community to help without leaving their homes. This opportunity serves as a positive light amid uncertainty, a place to connect, lift each other up and to bring hope.


The initiative is simple and effective. We collect donations (often $10-20) and then pool that money together to purchase meals from a local restaurant that then delivers the meals to the front lines (e.g. local hospital, funeral homes and other essential workforces – people who are taking care of people). It might seem like just food, but it also sends such an important message to them that we are thinking of them, we are so grateful, and that we are all in this together!


Hospital Visits
Care Partners are available to visit Life Link Church members as well as loved ones who need care when hospitalized due to medical emergency or illness. We also visit individuals in hospice, extended care, and assisted living facilities. The goal for each visit is to share words of encouragement, offer prayers of faith, and extend the healing touch and love of Christ to every patient and their family.
The death of someone you love and care for deeply is painful. The shock of grief ushers in a flood of complex emotions that can be overwhelming. Our Pastors and Care Partners are available during this difficult time to help plan a meaningful funeral or memorial service for Life Link Church members and their immediate family. Our goal is to honor, remember, and celebrate the one who has passed away and bring comfort and hope to family members and friends left behind, regardless of the circumstances. Be assured that we will stand with you when a loved one dies.
Congratulations on your engagement! You are in love and it’s the real thing. Together, you have made the big decision to get married. But now what? Not only do you have to plan a wedding, but you must also prepare for marriage.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming! Thoughtfully planning every aspect of your wedding – rehearsal, ceremony, and reception – to make it the joyful occasion you anticipate and create memories you will value for the rest of your lives together.

Preparing for marriage is required! We value the significance of biblical marriage as a sacred, life-long commitment that reflects the deep relationship Christ has with His followers – the Church. We are committed to helping you establish a strong God-First foundation as you begin married life together.

We are committed to supporting strong, healthy, and growing marriages and families. Marriage can be the most challenging of all human relationships. Raising children is a difficult, complicated responsibility. Our Pastors and Care Partners are available to help you find biblical solutions to restore a distressed or broken relationship and discover new ways to experience success in your marriage and family. Asking for support and guidance when you need it is a wise choice – it can turn a crisis around and transform your life as a couple and family.

Our Marriage Life Groups are available to help you invest in your marriage and family by developing your skills as a spouse and parent.

Financial Care
Care Partners assist Life Link Church members who find themselves in a financial crisis. Financial care involves much more than “a last minute rush to pay rent to avoid eviction or to pay a utility bill to keep the lights on.” It’s an intentional and proactive educational, counseling, and coaching process to develop an action plan for establishing long-term, self-sustaining financial freedom, stability, and strength. Our main priority is to walk with you through your present circumstances and help you take your next steps toward financial health.

We are not set up to provide immediate financial assistance. Our process takes time but it focuses on the bigger, long-term picture of your financial situation.

If you are a member of Life Link Church and would like to know how to begin the process of financial guidance, call the Life Link Office at 602-885-1946

Spiritual Life
Life is difficult and confusing at times. You may be going through a season of spiritual doubt or disconnection and distance from God. You feel stuck and unable to move forward as you do your best to cope with stress, depression, anxiety, grief, anger, codependency, or addictions and more. Countless complex questions about life demand answers that make sense and will work for you.

You may be in a place where God is inviting you to capture new opportunities for personal growth or ministry to others. You want to obey Him and follow His leadership, but you’re not sure about what direction to go. You recognize your need for God’s wisdom and insight to make good decisions.

Our Pastors and Care Partners can help you sort through the conflicting thoughts and emotions within your soul. They will pray with you to know what God is calling you to pursue with bold faith. As you understand the principles God reveals in the Bible and hear what He is saying to you, your mind and heart will be transformed with a new experience of faith, hope, and peace. Our prayer is for your spiritual growth and personal healing in Christ. Throughout the year a variety of classes and small groups are offered to deepen your spiritual life and grow stronger as a person.